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    WELCOME to ZZI.net, A way to Internet and its rest of world. The Best Selection of Internet Site!

    Z & ZZ INTERNATIONAL, INC. provides varible area services from international trading to computer and Internet sulotions. Major services is as below:

    Contace: (832) 724-6288
    E-mail: alex@zzi.net
    Contact Person: June Wang
    Chinese: (281) 903-7778


    -- Multi-portal, Multi-lingual, One Stop e-Business Community

    About Z & ZZ International, Inc.

    Founded in May 1998, Z & ZZ International, Inc. is a fast growing international Internet marketing and business consulting company. Incorporated in Houston, Texas, ZZI.net provide services over 400 business customers and help their website get online for promotion. ZZI.net website network also bring in about 10,000,000 page view a month in website traffic. Unique user amount is about 400,000/month.

    Through its global network of franchisees and partners, its online/off line marketing strategy, ZZI.NET is committed to be Internet Solution Provider (ISP II) for small and middle size business and build up One Stop e-Business Community, worldwide businesses network, a spectrum of products, including value-added services such as multilingual Internet marketing, business consultation, information and communication network. We are striving to make our customer get success when we grow.

    ZZI.net As a DBA and an Internet marketing channel of Z & ZZ International, Inc., ZZI.net has a longer history in the website community.

    1. In 1995, ZZI.net publish its bilingual news channel, Chinese News Media, link to near 3000 online worldwide Chinese Newspaper, Magazine, radio and TV station. In past 9 years, It continues to serve over 100 millions visitors worldwide and ranking as one of Yahoo most recommend Chinese news and media websites.

    2. In 1996, ZZI.net Chinese Book Shelt and The Best Chinese Website Select Award get online. Both of them ranked as the top 20 overseas Chinese portal websites.

    3. In 1997, Overseas Chinese Community BBS (HCCBBS) get online. HCCBBS is one of the first and largest Chinese Community BBS in Internet and currently still serve 100k Houston Chinese related population by using HCCBBS E-Mail list and its website.

    4. In 1998, World Hall of Fame network (famehall.com) get online and serve as a branding and strategy Chinese portal site, it is selected as unique TV Star channel for promote 2nd China Golden Eagle TV Festival. In May 1998, Z & ZZ International, Inc. registered as incorporation in State of Texas and start up its International Trade, Internet Agency and web development business. ZZI.net registered as the DBA of Z & ZZ International, Inc. for promote its unique One Stop e-business Community concept. Linlin's Art Studio registered as the DBA of Z & ZZ International, Inc. to focus its web design and development.

    5. In 1999, ZZI.net begin to help USA Company to promote to Asia population. In the end of the year, Alex Wang, president of ZZI.net nominated as "21 North America Chinese e-Business person in 21 century." By e21Times.

    6. In Feb. of 2000, 18 of the largest Oversea Chinese Website gather in Silicon Valley and build up an organization "Oversea Chinese Website Alliance" (OCWA). Now it has over 200 joint website. ZZI.net is the founder and Alex Wang is serving as Executive board member and Webmaster, develop and maintain all the online application. OCWA members attract 90% of overseas Chinese website traffic.

    7. In August 2000, ZZI.net selected as Oversea Entrance Website of 3rd China Internet Contest. Over 40 million Chinese Internet users involve in this event. ZZI.net honor as permanent website which list in sponsorship row of China Internet Contest.

    8. ZZI.net have over 20 strategy partner commerce website in Asia/Pacific region which can publish business news, cooperate news release and other commercial information.

    9. In November 2001, ZZI.net as one of the key corporation build up a joint venture "Overseas Advertising Agency" with 5 most famous Chinese Website portals. OAANET register as a DBA of Z & ZZ International, Inc. Alex Wang is elected as President/CEO in this joint venture.

    10. In January 2002, ZZI launch its medical/environmental/automobile portal "The Best USA" www.thebestusa.com. It also commits to enter "Real Internet" by using "Online and Offline, ZZI" as its mission statement. AutoHouston.net is registered for promote automobile related business.

    11. In May 2002, ZZI sign the partnership agreement with American Medicine Company to help them promote their herbal products on it online /offline network. ZZI join the 1st US-China Business Mission organized by Texas Economic Development. ZZI register Texas China Trade Mission as DBA to dedicate in bridge the US-China business Community together.

    12. In December 2002, ZZI sign the solo distributorship agreement with ClearAir Plus to be their solo distributor in Great China/Texas. ZZI assists the Texas Economic Development organize the 2nd US-China Business Mission. In the trip, ZZI sign the agreement with Zhou Kou City Champer of Commerce to promote their city and top one hundreds export companies in USA and help the city to find investment and joint venture partners.

    13. In both Texas China Trade mission in 2002, ZZI act as the Title Sponsor of the Texas China Trade Mission.

    14. In December 2002, ZZI sign the contract with Chamber of Commerce in Zhou Kou City to promote their top 100 companies in USA.

    15. In January 2003, ZZI sign the contract with Vitalabs Asia, LLC to be their solo distributor for Asia Country and Asian Community around the world.

    16. In March 2003, ZZI organize Texas Business delegation attend Science Environment Protection in Hunan and display ClearAir Plus product in the Expo.

    17. In June 2003, ZZI be authorized by The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston to help UTHSCH's China Public Health Policy and Hospital Management International Training Program.

    18. In December 2003, ZZI sign the agreement with China Yan Cheng City to help the city promote their top one hundreds companies to USA and help the city to find investment and joint venture partners.

    19. In March 2004, ZZI sign the agreement with Guangdong Foreign Investment Law Association for build up e-Commerce Portal to promote the companies in ZhuJiang Triangle Develop Zone and will leading the business delegation to attend October's Pearl River Golden Triangle Economic Develop Zone International Conference.

    20. In April 2004, ZZI joint the US Culture Investment Delegation to visit Beijing, Hangzhou, Dalian, Tian Jing. In Beijing, ZZI sign the agent agreement with WanFang Data, helping WanFang to sell their China's Sci-Tec Information , Business Information , Digital Periodical System(China Digital Periodicals Database; China Dissertation Database Fulltext; China Academic Conference Paper; Chinese Enterprise, Company & Product Database, Chinese Scientific and Technology Achievement Database; Chinese Science and Technology Papers and Citation Database; Chinese Science and Technology Documents Database; Chinese Scientific and Technological Information Institutions; Chinese Scientific Institutions) in USA.

    21. In April 2004, ZZI invite Foshan City ChanCheng's Delegation visit Houston. Foshan City is 3rd largest City in Guangdong. ZZI will have Foshan to promote their

    Automobile, Building Material and Steel in USA and especially for build up joint venture and other business relationship.

    References ZZI.NET Technical team already achieves many successes in post a few years. List here below is some reference for our previous multilingual website clients:

    1) Harris County Hospital District http://www.tmc.edu/hchd/ (English)

    2) The North American Brain Tumor Consortium http://www.nabtc.org/ (English)

    3) American Medicine Company http://www.amcherbs.com/ (English/Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese)

    4) Vitalabs Asia, LLC. http://www.vitalabsasia.com/ (English/Chinese)

    5) ClearAir Plus China. http://www.thebestusa.com/company/clearairplus/ (English/Chinese)

    Partial List. More provided by request.

    Company Name: Z & ZZ International, Inc.

    Website URL: www.zzi.net www.famehall.com www.TheBestUSA.com www.hccbbs.net

    www.linlins.com www.hoteltx.com www.autohouston.com www.artsharing.com

    Thank you Visit ZZI.net!

    Last update at Nov 14, 1998
    © CopyRight 1996-2004, Z & ZZ International, Inc. All Right Reserved.

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