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Investing income property and profitable businesses both are our strength and our expertise in the marketplace, working on your behalf to get the best possible deal is our service's main goal, we can assist/advise you to explore your wealth which bring you to become financially sufficient.

Again do not delay the prosperity.

We offers professional services to investors find bargain properties and businesses. Buying, Selling, Leasing and professionally management
  1. Grocery and Drug store anchored shopping centers
  2. Hotel, Motel & Resorts
  3. Industrial and Manufacture facilities
  4. Multi- family apartment complex
  5. Multi- tenents office and corporate center
  6. High Tech Corporation
  7. Energy & Power
  8. Food, Meat, Produce and general merchdises. Retail or Wholesale.
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Business Opportunities

  • [Tx 1] There are 2 Utility properties for sell.
    A Inter state power & Light co and B Water, Gas and Electric co
    These utility operation seve approximately 35,000 customers, the aggregation book capitalization of business including debt is approximately $ 70 Mills

  • [Tx 2] Retail Electricity Provider (R.E.P)
    Great potential as an agent for Provide electricity to commercial and industrial users in entire Texas state Capitalization of business including staff, training, office equipment and working capital is $ 2,750,000

  • [Tx 3] Office Warehouse
    In great location of houston, Texas with 99 % occupancy 15,000,000. Capitalization rate is 8% 210,000 Sf

  • [Tx 4] Hotel
    In downtown Houstron need renovation (713) 529 9502 600 rooms with 442,000 Sq/Ft Conference facilities, Restaurant, Health club, and Indoor parking. Asking price $12,5 Mills

  • [Tx 5] Shopping Center
    in Southwest of Houston, Texas Sharpstown $ 28,5 Mills

  • [Tx 6] Department Store
    on Westheimer Super K Mart

  • [Tx 7] Food & Seafood Imorting and Wholesale
    Old C/C $ 12,9 Mills

  • [Tx 8] Furniture wharehouse
    Wholesale and retail 90,000 Sq/Ft $ 2,5 Mills

  • [Tx 9] Produce Wholesale
    $ 6,5 Mills

  • [Tx 10] Liberty Power plan
    (530 Mwe) in Pennsylvania will foreclose by bank soon $265 Mills

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