How to become a Qualified Information Systems Vendor (QISV)

Automated Information Systems Products or Services Only

The legislation that created the Catalogue Purchasing Program allows for products or services that are associated with automation (computers) or telecommunication systems to be purchased directly from GSC approved Qualified Information Systems Vendors (QISV). Items that can be included are hardware, software, programming, maintenance, repair, and installation of systems. For more information concerning the terms used in the program, go to "Program Definitions."

Features of the Program

Since this program is not considered a bidding process, negotiations are allowed. Some of the processes that may be used in the purchasing of products or services are:

NOTE: A purchase can take place without the ordering entity sending out a "RFI" or "RFO." A ordering entity can verbally negotiate with a QISV.

The Centralized Master Bid List (CMBL)

One of the requirements of the program is that a vendor must be active on the CMBL to become and remain a QISV. The maintenance fee is $100.00 for two years. Contact GSC Bid Services at 512-463-3416 to request a application or go to "Information for Vendors" to download the application.

Request Application

To request a QISV application, call 512-463-5315. This is a computer response system asking for company name and address for mailing the application. You may also download the application at "Information for Vendors" .

Submit Application and Catalogue

The application is self-explanatory. The contact numbers for the catalogue program personnel is included. Submit the application and catalogue to the address(s) provided on the application. There is no fee for the Catalogue Purchasing Program. You should receive a receipt letter within 5 to 7 days stating your application has been received and is in the review process. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing your application.

Once approved, a QISV may market their catalogue directly to state agencies and eligible political subdivisions.