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Koto Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
For centuries, Japanese cuisine has been renowned for its beautiful and simple presentation, delicate flavors and healthful qualities. We invite you to experience it at Koto. Get the details that prove the old adage that one man's loss is another man's gain. Find out what's new dining in Houston
New Hawaii Seafood Buffet gives you a big dollar off until Augest 31st, Hurry! Print out and go for it!
Want to soup on something from one of the better restaurants in town, but don't feel like leaving your house even drop your connection? Log on and order to your heart's content. From your computer to your door step, it can be done.

Receipt Corner
National Pasta Association Pasta Recipes
Terrific collection of pasta recipes.

The Internet Culinary CyberCity
Lots of editorial commentary on food topics. Easy to spend some quality time going through this well-organized site. In their words this is "the first place to look for food & drink on the Web". Tough to argue with that.

The Culinary Connection
Links to over 200 food sites, 50,000 recipes, 50 newsgroups and lots more. Wow. This is a food resource extraordinaire.

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen
The best all around food linking site on the web. Low-fat, mail order, outdoor, desserts, name it, it's here. A must visit for food fans.

A virtual cornocopia of information for the food lover. Sections for consumers and for food professionals. Recipes, retail food sites and more being added every day. Definitely worth a visit.

Internet Epicurean
Terrific selection of recipes and links to food-related sites.

The Kitchen Link
Master index to over 6,000 food and cooking related links on the net. Plus recipe clippings, usenet group postings and Food & Beverage news from a wide variety of sources. Excellent resource.

Flora's Kitchen
Lots of recipes and a wonderful selection of food links.

My Virtual Encyclopedia
A few hundred food links in alphabetical order. You name it, it should be here.

Conversion Calculator Have a recipe which serves 4 but having a dinner party for 11? Don't want to bother with the math for conversions? This site will help for non-cake recipes (conversion is slightly more complex for baking).

Chef's Trainning School
Like to cook home dish? Place to learn hand on experiences in Houston.

The Internet Food Channel
The Web's most extensive source for food information, links and fun. Consumers and food professionals consult this site first for all of their food-related Web needs, whether it be recipes, entertainment, trend information, dining advice, or food discussions.

Simple Cooking
One of the best culinary newsletters in America. John and Matt Lewis Thornes' writing is similar to a good meal - best savored and enjoyed slowly.

Culinary Report From Paradise
News and flavors from Hawaii. Some terrific writing and good ideas here.

Download a trial copy of the Mastercook software for access to recipes which never stop. Not very pasta friendly, but the recipes are there if you are willing to dig.

New Holiday Garden
Don Carlos
Captain Charlie Seafood


Twin Peaks Gourmet
Sauces, seasonings and sweets. Nice collection, nice people, nice prices. A must visit.

Spices Etc
Spices Etc is a god-send for those with a craving for fine spices. They have a terrific selection of spices, personality and some good information. For example each month they highlight a spice and and discuss how it is produced.
Cheese of the month club! Each month you can have a world-class cheese delivered direct to your door. Plus they have an on-line catalog of cheese in these categories: table, hard grating, blue, fresh and cheese spreads.

Flying Noodle Pasta Club
The Flying Noodle's Pasta Club delivers a different collection of gourmet pastas and sauces to your door with recipe ideas which will put healthy meals on your table in fifteen minutes.

Heart of the Earth Market
Interesting assortment of quality items from South Dakota. Some good gift ideas here.

Carolina Blue Smoked Wildfish
If you love smoked fish this is the spot for you. Scallops, mackerel, lobster tail, shrimps and more. All nautral, no preservatives used.

Crab Broker Inc. Coffee Roaster Select
The main thing which differentiates Roaster Select from everyone else is the way they roast their beans. They use hot air rather than steel roasters. This produces a very even roast as opposed to the uneven roasting from traditional roasters. Naturally, they have a Coffee-of-The-Month Club. A must visit for coffee lovers.

Aroma Borealis
Certified organic coffees and teas.

The Hawaiian Express Unlimited
All things Hawaiian - coffee, flowers, jewelry, art gallery and photos.

Arabica Coffee Company

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