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Others friends from world
  1. Guangdong Post and Telecommunication Agency (GDPTA)
  2. Beijing Telecommunication Agency
  3. CERNET: Network Information Center
  4. Shanghai Telecommunication Agency
  5. Shenzhen Post & Telecommunications Bureau
  6. Shenzhen Post & Telecommunications Bureau, Digital Communications Services
  7. Shenzhen Post & Telecommunications Bureau, Computing Service
  8. Basic Law of Hong Kong
  9. WWW Servers in Hong Kong
  10. BBS from Chinese People
  11. ComStar Information Home Page
  12. cnd newsgroups
  13. Grace Y Ming's Home Page
  14. Roland's Home Page
  15. Hu Wenze's. Home Page
  16. Directory Culture/east-asia/netinfo(ftp)
  17. Information Center of Ministry of Electronics Industry
  18. Publishing House of Electronics Industry
  19. Chinese National Committee for CODATA
  20. ETEP Beijing
  21. Great Trend Internet Services
  22. Asian Studies WWW VL(ANU, Au)

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