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    e-Business Consulting

    "Like eWatchUSA, using our customized designed, cost effective shopping cart system, Secure Check out system, you can get your sales up from everywhere!"

    -- eWatchUSA.com

    E-commerce is certainly not a new concept. Everyone sees dollar signs when hearing the amazing revenues of Amazon.com, eBay and Buy.com. So, are you really know what is e-commerce?

    E-commerce is defined as online shopping. In ZZI.net, E-commerce is not just means only shopping carts, E-commerce is a way for a business to use the power and tools of Internet technology to enhance sales and the buying experience. Since it takes too long to write all of that on a business card, we call it e-commerce. We give more extension below about its meanings we are thinking in ZZI.net.

    Why ecommerce?

    For retailers, ecommerce is the new frontier, offering a potential gold mine of new customers. In 1998, online marketers sold about $1.5 billion worth of consumers goods over the Internet. Predictions are that the figure will more than double - to $3.7 billion - by the end of 1999. ecommerce growth is likely to continue as more people use the Internet and become comfortable with the online shopping concept.

    Selling on the Web is a relatively untapped market. Sixty-five percent of current Internet users have used the Web to check out products and services, and to compare prices. But only 14 percent have actually purchased anything online. By the year 2000, it's predicted that 92 percent of Web users will do product research online, while 45 percent will actually make purchases. Online retailers expect the Internet to account for 9 percent of total retail sales by 2001, up from 1 percent today.

    Business-to-business ecommerce, meanwhile, is expected to grow from $131 billion in 1999 to more than $541 billion in 2003, as more companies discover the convenience and cost-savings of procurement online.

    Shopping carts - a case you are thinking in old fasion which hold items prior to completing the order (or "checking out"). The advantages of shopping carts are that customers can change their orders around without losing track, can change quantities of items, and automatically get a running total of how many bucks they'll be shelling out. Another great thing is that your customer can leave the site, go check out the competition's prices, then come back and find the items still in the trusty old cart. They won't get away that fast!

    Tracking - When customers "check out," they want to know when they can expect their great big package from UPS. They want that email to confirm their order and tell them just what the heck they bought. Then they want to know when it has been shipped. Why, the nerve of paying customers!

    Plastic Cash - If you sell online, you have to give the option of paying by credit card. There is no such thing as impulse buying when you have to write and mail out a check. If I (as your customer) had to do all that, I might as well drive to the store. The point is that people are on the Internet because they want an easy way to shop. So you have to make it simple for them to buy and give no reason to turn away and purchase that hand-carved cat box from your competitor. It is the way to set up shop online.

    Cookie - Suprising when you visit a site, you get a warm greet :

    Hi [your name] and welcome back Sophisticated sites know who you are. No, they don't send agents out to run surveillance on your home, but they do use certain Internet gizmos to track you. These gizmos are normally cookies, small bits of computer code, that keep important information, like customer ID numbers, last sale items, and the last time you shopped. Fancy sites can use these cookies to track all kinds of information. If you use this info create an interactive method of shopping, customers will be better served and purchase more.

    24-7 - The power of the Internet is the 24-7 nature of web sites - they don't close down when webmasters sleep. Well, e-commerce can take advantage of this to take orders anytime of the day, and if set up correctly, it's fairly simple to automate purchasing. Setting up a merchant account to accept credit cards is fairly simple, especially through many of the automated services out there.

    Ok, how do I do it? - If you are the die-hard do-it-yourselfer, look into e-commerce solutions by iCat, Geocities' Geoshops, or Yahoo! Store. But if you want a professional who has experience in developing e-commerce sites, ZZI.net is your right choose. We already develop a complecated e-commerce software who can handle shopping card plus Database manager system. We can provide support to you to make your product e-commerce ready to works.

    Webmaster - Still struggle with e-commerce solution? We have the working program and real working site. If you want to get our software, please contact alex@zzi.net, a very small develop fee will apply to get our software. But you can get a e-commerce power right at next morning.

    Members - Join ZZI.net Z-club, you will get an opportunities to visit ZZI Forum, our software developer is online every day to discuss with all interesting group about e-commerce topic. You will get more help when you are ready to join.

    Full Support - By paying as little as $50/hour by sign a full year contract, you can get our Internet/Intranet expert help you do everything for you to fit your internet/intranet need. Please contact with Alex Wang at alex@zzi.net or 1-832-724-6288 for details.

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