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    Are you an administrator for University, public library, research institutes need to full-fill information about China?
    Are you a large size corporation or manufactory who have been doing business with China?
    Are you a small business owner who are preparing in doing business with China?

    Richard in International Learning gives comment about WanFang Database Products.

    "Business people who think the relationship in China is everything may find they are wrong when they get into China's business." Dr. Charlie gives comment to ZZI after his 18 years doing business in China.

    China has changed his entire business environment after 20 years reform. Know in China, get expert information and China's Data will be 1st choose to the business people who are in doing business with China.

    Why Wanfang Data?

    "As the first joint-stock high-tech enterprise with information services as its core business in China, Wanfang commits itself to serve the information construction of China national economy in hopes of impelling the improvement of information quality of all Chinese people."

    Wanfang Data is extremely useful for those whole ready to do business with China.

    The Data provide scientific and technology institutes, enterprises and government agencies with high-quality database products and information resource products. There are over 110 databases altogether, more than 10 of which were developed by the company itself and the company owns their copy rights; others were developed by the company in association with others.

    These databases also cover all fields in natural science and social science, including periodicals, meetings, literatures, bibliography, title lists, reports, theses and dissertations, standards, patents, serial publishing material and reference books etc.

    The customer can use key words or Boolean logic method in one or more than one database. Aiming at adding more to the information resources, the company provides customers with a series of information value increment products including a system of competition intelligence on industries of communications, electrical power and pharmaceutical enterprises by using advanced analytic and consulting methods. In this way, the company can meet the customer's needs of deep-level information and analyses, and provide customers with sound references in the decision-making process of ascertaining technological innovation and investment priorities.

    Please contact with ZZInet at 832-724-6288 or for your China data Products purchase, you can purchase them seperately.

    What we carry now?

    We have the listed subsystems and databases. We also customer make for your unique needs.


  • Sci-tech Information Subsystem
  • Business Information Subsystem
  • Digital Periodical Subsystem


  • Chinese Digital Periodicals Database (CDPD)
  • Chinese Dissertation Database Fulltext (CDDB)
  • Chinese Academic Conference Paper (CACP)
  • Chinese Enterprise, Company & Product Database (CECDB)
  • Chinese Scientific and Technology Achievement Database (CSTAD)
  • Chinese Scienece and Technology Papers and Citation Database (CSTPC)
  • Chinese Science and Technology Documents Database (CSTDB)
  • Chinese Scientifice and Technological Information Institutions (CSTII)
  • Chinese Scientific Institutions (CSI)

    Consulting Services

  • Communications Industry Competitive intelligence Products and Services
  • Healthcare Industry Competitive intelligence Products and Service
  • Key Industries Investment Consulting
  • Information Retrieval Consulting

    Modes of Servies

  • On-line Service
  • Off-line Service
  • US China Trade Mission

    ZZI Dining Guide
    Texas Hotel Reservation
    ZZI Services
  • Web Design & Development
  • Internatioanl Agency/Partner
  • Internet Marketing and Promotion
  • Internet/Intranet Consultant
  • DIY e-Business Training
  • Z-club
  • Joint Venture/Agency
  • Multi-lingual
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