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    Zzinet News
    Shandong 每 Houston Business Opportunity
    Alex Wang

    The Greater Houston Partnership and the Shandong Department of Commerce cordially invite you to participate in a program featuring:

    20-Member Business Delegation from the Shandong Department of Commerce, led by:

    Mr. Liu Xiaojiang
    Deputy Director-General
    Shandong Department of Commerce

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009
    Registration 8:30 a.m.
    Program and B2B meetings 9:00 每 11:00 a.m.
    Greater Houston Partnership, Board Room
    1200 Smith Street, Two Allen Center, Suite 700, Houston, TX 77002

    Please join the Greater Houston Partnership as we welcome the Shandong Department of Commerce who will bring a 20- member delegation of businesses, led by Mr. Liu Xiaojiang, Deputy Director-General of the Shandong Department of Commerce. The delegation includes business leaders from various industries who are looking for Houston trade and business partners in the fields of: chemical & petrochemicals, auto parts & machinery, food processing, paper making, iron ore reserve exploration, advanced technologies, and the textile sector. (Please see attached)

    As the second largest economic entity in China, Shandong is one of the most developed regions of China. Its economy has been developing at a double digit rate for twenty years consecutively. Shandong is highly developed in agriculture, manufacturing, domestic electronics, food processing, chemistry and information technology. The province has a population of 93 million, which indicates a huge market for products and services. Following the example of the Haier Group, China*s largest manufacturer of domestic appliances who recently made a large investment in South Carolina, more and more Shandong companies are attempting to establish their presence in the United States. As Shandong and Texas are sister states, Texas* competitive business environment has become one of the most attractive targets for Shandong companies to look for business opportunities. Please join us in this business opportunity.

    RESERVATION FORM: Space is limited for this event and the business- to-business meetings. Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis. To register for this event, send this form with checked lists by E-MAIL to jtan@houston.org or jshen@houston.org.
    Name(s) Title
    Company Name E-mail
    Mailing Address
    Telephone Fax

    For B2B meeting, please check the appropriate boxes on the attached list (suject to availability). Delegation members are listed with their company profile, trade opportunities and business interests.
    For more information, please contact Jensen Shen at 713-844-3637.

    My name is: ____________ My company : ____________

    Check the appropriate box to meet the Shandong delegation members

    Shandong Delegation Members
    Houston Companies




    Company Profile
    Delegate*s interest in Houston (i.e. set up logistic center, new office, manufacturing plant or look for trade partners)

    Interests for cooperation

    Delegate wants to meet with Houston companies pertaining to:

    I would like to meet with this group:
    (Please Check Below)

    Ma Xiuguo

    Weifang Henglian Paper Pulp Co.
    Weifang Henglian Paper Pulp Co. mainly produces paper pulp, cotton pulp and fine paper, with an annual capacity of 30,000 tons, 30,000 tons and 6,000 tons respectively. The sales revenue in 2008 reached US$33 million with US$ 1 million profits.
    Interested in set up a trade office in U.S. and/or seek trade partners
    To setup a joint venture in Shandong. White mud of paper mill, as a kind of solid waste from pulp making process, is simply buried or stored by most paper making companies, causing pollution or a waste of resource. Henglian Company produces 20,000 tons of white mud every year and plans to make use of white mud through an environmental process.
    paper making companies and/or financial partners

    Wang Wanxin

    Shaozhuang Town, Weifang
    In Shaozhuang Town, there is a large iron ore mine region with 7000m long and 1000m wide. There is 116 million tons of verified iron ore reserve of Class C and D, including 14 million tons of Class C reserve. Brown iron ore reserve is 89 million tons.
    To look for partners to explore the iron ore reserves. A joint venture or sole-own foreign venture is welcome.
    PE/VE or other partners

    Ding Aihui

    Qingzhou Zhuwei New Material Co.
    The company mainly produces shells of transmissions of heavy-duty trucks, self-loading vehicles and agricultural equipment and castings of wheels and axles. Sales revenue in 2008 was RMB150 million.
    To look for trade partners
    To setup a joint venture in Shandong to newly construct 4000m2 workshop for EPC casting production line, with annual capacity of 20,000 tons of iron and steel castings and RMB120 million forecast profits.
    auto parts companies or trading companies

    Xu Jiujun

    Qingzhou Electric Transformer Plant
    Qingzhou Electric Transformer Plant produces various electric transformers. Sales revenue in 2008 was RMB160 million.
    To buy technologies and look for trade partners or set up an office in U.S.
    To seek foreign partners and buy advanced technologies from U.S.
    PE/VE or trading companies

    Jia Shoumin

    Qingzhou Zhicheng Chemical Co.
    The company produces methyl monochloro-acetate, ethyl chloroacetate, methyl dichloroacetate and trichloro-acetic chloride. Sales revenue in 2008 was RMB7.35 million.
    To look for trade partners
    To setup a joint venture in Shandong to produce pyridine sodium from pyridine raw materials with environmental manufacturing techniques, which is similar with other international companies.
    Chemical companies or trading companies

    Dong Bo

    Weifang Bafute Fertilizer Co.
    The company produces 300,000 tons of potassium sulphate compound fertilizers every year. In 2008, sales revenue was US$50 million, with US$3 million profits.
    To buy technologies from U.S. companies and look for trade partners
    To buy U.S. technologies or to setup a joint venture in Shandong. We plan to make use of up-to-date technologies and newly construct a control sustained-release fertilizer production line with annual capacity of 300,000 tons.
    Chemical companies or trading companies

    Niu Dekuan

    Shandong Dongming Petrochemical Group Co.
    Shandong Dongming Petrochemical Group Co. is one of China*s Top 500 companies. Its main products are gasoline, diesel, naphtha, LPG, polypropylene, petroleum coke. The processing capacity is 6 million tons per year. The sales revenue in 2008 was US$1.8 billion.
    To set up an office in U.S. and/or look for trade partners
    To setup a joint venture in Shandong. This project will adopt the advanced catalytic reforming technology of the scientific institute of petroleum technology. Main products are benzene, toluene, mixed xylene, etc. According market analysis, this project will have good economic benefets.
    petrochemical companies

    Shi Jian

    Shandong Tianshi Steel Structure Co.
    Shandong Tianshi Steel Structure Co. focuses on design, manufacturing, installation, sales and R&D of steel structure products.
    To look for partners for constrution projects in U.S. or just sell its products
    construction companies or distributors

    Yin Jihe
    Shandong Yinguang Textile Co.
    Shandong Yinguang Textile Co., established in 2005, focuses on production of drawnwork products including curtains, bed clothes. All products are exported to USA and Europe.
    To set up logistic center and look for trade partners
    To setup a joint venture in Shandong. Shandong Yinguang Textile Co. plans to construct a textile production line project, which covers an area of 34,757 m2 with 9,692 m2 of building area. When completed, the company is forecast to have US$24.17 million revenue including $3.62 million profits.
    textile companies

    Wang Jiayun

    Administration of Shanting Economic Development Zone
    Zaozhuang Changhong Fruit Processing Co. mainly produces red dates and date juice. Its revenue in 2008 reached US$5 million with an annual capapcity of 3000 tons.
    To introduce foreign companies to set up ventures in Shandong. Zaozhuang Changhong Fruit Processing Co. plans to construct new production lines with annual capacity of 1000 tons of dates, 1000 tons of date juice and 1000 tons of cherry pulp. The project will cover an area of 100 mu with building area of 120,000 m2.
    food processing companies

    Li Denglai

    Administration of Rizhao Economic Development Zone
    Rizhao Economic Development Zone, one of the eight key provincial development zones, is making great endeavor to develop the following key industries, auto parts, ship building, paper making, food processing, machinery, textile & garments, electronic.
    To introduce foreign companies to set up ventures in Shandong. In Rizhao Economic Development Zone, there is a specilized auto parts industrial park, focusing on auto parts and machinery. We plan to locate 30 auto parts companies in the park.
    companies or chambers of commerce

    Li Binxiang

    Administration of Laiwu Hi-tech Zone
    Laiwu Hi-tech Zone has the following major industries: steel deep processing, machinery, new materials, textiles, agriculutural produces processing.
    To introduce foreign companies to set up ventures in Shandong, especially in hi-tech industries.
    companies or chambers of commerce

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