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    Zzinet News
    SUNDAY, DECEMBER 07, 2008
    ¡°Dancing in the Storm®¡± workshop
    Alex Wang

    Course Name : ¡°Dancing in the Storm®¡± workshop

    Date & Time : 9th December 2008 (Tuesday)

    Duration : 9 Hrs

    Learning Objectives : To enhance total commitment in riding on the tide of adversityTo foster a culture of resilient and as sense of adventure ¡°Dancing in the Storm®¡±To identify ways to improve on self AQ and ability to transcendTo raise the level of AQ in yourself, among staff members and throughout the organizationTo lead the challenges by fostering entrepreneurship and maintain growth during adversity To propagate creativity and innovation as a new paradigmTo explore the heart of ¡°Leading by giving first¡± mindset

    Content Outline : Video input AQ Concept ¡°Turning Obstacles into Opportunities¡±AQ ProfileStructure experience activity ¡°Fostering proactively, entrepreneurship through corporate synergyVideo input AQ @ Work ¡°Putting the Principles of AQ into Action¡±ZODIAK The game of business finance and strategy by www.paradigmlearning.com.cn ¡°Dancing in the Storm®¡± by Ronnie Ng

    Methodologies : Experiential learning

    Pre-course Work : Bring a new paper cutting on the most adverse new you read i.e no hope. Bring a positive inspire true story from a magazine, book or new paper cutting to show that someone can over come adversity if they try and keep their head above water. Have hope to inspire others. A photo of youself sometime from brith to seven years of age.

    Post-course Work : Invest in a new business venture, have the courage and inspire to be an entrepreneurial OMO (One Man Operator).

    Facilitator(s) : Mr. Ronnie Ng, Founder of Training Design Consultants and co-founder of Best Practice Management has over 25 years experience in designing and delivering management development and experiential learning-based programs. He works with clients to develop strategies for improved management development training, incorporating the organizational traditional practices into daily business activities; customizing training designs and strategic HRD planning. He has vast experience in facilitating transformation process and has helped more than 500 multinationals companies in the Asia Pacific Region.
    Workshop rundown:

    09:00 Welcome start up

    09:15 Ice breaker ¡°Riding the storm¡± sharing our turning point in life

    09:45 Video and concepts input:

    Adversity Quotient - Turning obstacles into Opportunity

    With AQ Paul Stoltz has done something remarkable: He synthesizes some of the most important information on how we influence our own future and then offers a profound set of observations that teaches us how to thrive in a fast changing world.¡±- Joel Barker.
    We each dace an average of adversities a day and our adversity quotient (AQ) is the precise, measurable, and unconscious pattern of how individuals respond to adversity. This 19 minutes video program based on Paul Stoltz¡¯s best selling book, shows how your AQ can predict, with statistical reliability, who will prevail, who will give up, and who will crumble in the face of adversity. This video combines Paul¡¯s overview of key learning points including Expanding Human Capacity, The Silent Toll, your adversity Quotient, and CORE(the four dimensions of AQ). He then applies his learning points to the real ¨Clife survival story of world famous Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton and the crew of his ship, The Endurance. The story is depicted through original black and white photography of the ill-fated 1914 expedition.

    10:15 Review on Turning obstacles into Opportunity

    10:30 Coffee Break

    10:45 AQ Profile: The AQ Profile is the tool in existence for measuring your Adversity Quotient®.
    11:15 Structure experience activity ¡°Fostering proactively, entrepreneurship through corporate synergy

    Multi-tasking structure experience one. (Inspiring a shared vision & challenging the process)

    Common Currency is like creating the EURO currency. All team will have to come to one common objective, win-win. To win is this game we must practice our ¡°Grow Together¡± core value and practices. All the participants will be able to play this game at the same time actively applying all good management practices. Most organization the play this game only 30% is successful. Not an easy game to win.

    Review (Inspiring a Shared Vision)
    1) What are some of our future common goals and objective we need to work in order to successfully grow together?
    2) How do you enlist the supports of others staff member to meet our above objectives?

    Review (Challenging the Process)
    1) In our organization how do we search new opportunities to support our organization growth?
    2) How do we explore and encourage experimenting and risk taking in our daily work?

    11:45 Review the important of information sharing. A how to work together as a team

    12:00 ZODIAK The game of business finance and strategy by www.paradigmlearning.com.cn

    This Zodiak version targets companies in manufacturing, utilities and other industry sectors.
    Every day these organizations make tough decisions about prices, product development options, capital investments and more. Because people are the link between a company¡¯s objectives and its success, financial literacy and business acumen of employees and managers are crucial to achieving financial and strategic goals.
    That¡¯s where Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy can help.

    Managers and employees who play the game develop financial literacy and business acumen that they can use in to impact organizational success. They understand what it takes for a company to make money and know how their roles fit into the ¡®big picture.¡¯
    Call it a sophisticated business simulation¡­an exercise in experiential learning¡­or a board game. Whatever you call it, it¡¯s fun, it¡¯s fast and it makes a difference in the world of business.

    13:00 Lunch

    14:00 Zodiak ®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy Final session.
    15:45 End of Business simulation, review on insights and learning¡¯s back at work.
    16:15 Coffee Break
    16:30 Video: Adversity Quotient @ work

    Putting the principles of AQ into Action

    Through 20 years of research, Paul Stoltz, best welling author of Adversity Quotient and Adversity Quotient @work, has discovered goods news¡­our adversity Quotient-our AQ-can be substantially and permanently increased. We can improve our ability to deal with adversity. This 24-minutes video takes the foundational principles of AQ outlined in the video, ADVERSITY QUOTIENT and builds upon them by outlining the AQ Hierarchy of Control, your Response Ability, the LEAD Sequence, and The Action Funnel. Through a provocative keynote speech, combined with compelling interview segments
    17:30 Final conclusion:
    True Story: ¡°Dancing in the Storm®¡± by Ronnie Ng
    18:00 End of workshop
    18:00 to 18:30 Optional networking opportunity with consultants, sponsors and participants
    Workshop registration information:
    Venue: To be determined
    Cost: HK$ 2,100 inclusive of lunch and coffee break plus AQ teaching material, per participant
    Early bird registration before 5th December 2008 HK$ 1,600 per participant
    10% discount for more than one participants enrollment
    20% discount for group enrollment of more than 5 participants

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